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Organizational Change Management

  • Change Leadership
  • Full Project Support
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Helping your organization transition from its current state to the future state it needs. Our consultants help you implement change in a smooth and efficient manner while minizing resistance and cost, maximizing stakeholder engagement, and achieving your desired business outcomes.

Planning and Assessment

Within organizational change management, our team brings a diverse and extensive range of experience, encompassing strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, leadership development, training, and performance evaluation across various industries and company sizes for many years.

  • Support identifying the need for change
  • Defining the scope of change
  • Assessing the impact of change

We offer planning support from project inception, as well as during and after change to ensure full and smooth implementation.

Stakeholder Engagement

Through careful stakeholder engagement we ensure that all those affected by change are aware of it and why it needs to take place. To ensure this, we provide:

  • Precise and comprehensive status reporting at your chosen interval
  • Defining and communicating clear objectives

Effective communication is vital throughout the project and we make sure you have access to relevant information for all relevant stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.

Change Leadership

Leadership plays a critical role in driving change by providing vision, direction, and motivation. As such, we are committed to implementing change and acting as mentors and role models, promoting and supporting the change across the organization.

  • Providing experienced leadership in guiding complex processes
  • Training and supporting your company's future leaders

Training and Support

Providing training and support to those affected by the change helps ensure they have the necessary skills and resources to operate effectively in the new environment. Through innovative methods, harnessing change champions and organizing knowledge exchange in person, hybrid, and online, we bring a fresh approach to ensuring competency. To support this, we provide:

  • Training sessions and workshops for all affected staff
  • Collaborative knowledge exchange for senior stakeholders
  • Documentation to support the future state independently


Regardless of how we help you implement the project, we offer full support during the change rollout, whether you need a phased implementation or a complete changeover.

We also offer bespoke development of tools that support implementation, such as our Portfolio Management System, which helps companies plan for clinical study migration.

  • Big Bang and phased implementation
  • Choosing the right time to make the right changes
  • Bespoke change management tools to suit your company's needs

Monitoring and Evaluation

After implementing change, it is important to monitor outcomes against expected results. We do this by monitoring the implementation as it happens, and by reviewing the future state when it has been achieved.

  • Identifying areas of success and improvement
  • Feedback mechanisms
  • Adjusting and improving where necessary
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This depends on the scope of the project, approval of the statement of work, and availability of our consultants. Generally, we can begin projects between two weeks and a month from your initial enquiry.

The principles of our pricing strategy are to be transparent and good value for money. As such we adopt a simple pricing model that incorporates:

  • for Fixed Price projects, a clear statements of tasks to be completed, work required per task and daily rates for each level of contributor to the project.  

  • for Time Based assignments, a transparent pricing model based on level of consultant and duration and intensity of the commitment required

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