Duration: 18 months
Client: GSK

Clinical Linked Data

In pursuit of heightened operational excellence, this project at GSK sought to implement a CLD solution to optimize workflow and streamline database entries.


Collaborating as a preferred provider for GSK, our technical consultants lent their expertise to the Clinical Linked Data (CLD) project in a variety of ways.

  • Python and ORM development
  • Designing bespoke graph models
  • Implementing Python-based APIs


Our design reimagined how GSK’s systems managed clinical data in one connected data model, then provided a solution for visualization and workflow optimization.

Credit: GSK (2022) - Phuse


Our technical consultants supported the development and implementation of a novel approach to linked data, challenging conventional structures to foster innovation in the organization.

  • Supporting development
  • Providing technical expertise
  • Fostering innovation

Launch & Testing

Our technical consultants successfully completed a proof of concept with detailed documentation, handing over seamlessly to the GSK development team and supporting post-launch implementation.

  • Deployment planning
  • Seamless handover
  • Post-launch support